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Science and society


CRS  aims  to bridge the gap between the academic sphere and local communities, with a special emphasis on the most vulnerable groups of society.

We firmly believe that in order to overcome today’s challenges, the environmental crisis and the deepening social inequalities

  • a problem-centred approach is needed, instead of working within disciplinary boundaries,
  •  it is inevitable to combine scientific (expert) knowledge with local (community) knowledge,
  •  it is necessary to reflect on the underlying values and interests of our different scientific and expert commitments and to initiate open public debates concerning them.

With regard to social and environmental problems, we believe that

  •  scientific and local (community) knowledge
  • theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, and
  •  citizen activism aiming at social transformation

are all equally important and cannot be separated from one another. Only their combination and co-operation may lead to feasible solutions. Neither of them can be efficient by themselves.